We’ve done away with the old-fashioned concierge desk and have thrown out the rulebook on butlers and tour-guides. Instead, we’ve put together a team of warm, friendly and extremely knowledgeable characters dedicated to personalising your vacation experience, taking it from “great” to “amazing” in every way possible.

While we want you to feel fully chilled and totally relaxed, our wellness approach goes beyond soothing spa treatments. So if you’ve got a routine to follow, or need a rigorous workout, we’ve got you covered at our high-tech fitness centre with the latest cardio and resistance equipment. And if a healthy mind is as important as healthy body, we have a studio set up for aerial yoga and meditation sessions.

Sweat – Smile – and Repeat.

You’re heading to the seaside! But if you don’t fancy a splash in the sea, we have ten, yes ten outdoor swimming pools so you can do your early morning laps, cool off from the mid-day sun, or have a refreshing evening dip before dinner. There’s a sheltered spa pool for some contemplative soaking, eight executive sky pools for leisure and relaxation, and a stunning rooftop pool and bar for fun and games.