Innovative home-grown hoteliers Fusion set to launch latest brand in Ho Chi Minh City.

[Vietnam, October 2018]  Famous for creating the groundbreaking all-spa-inclusive Fusion Resorts and uber-stylish Fusion Suites, this fully integrated hospitality group will soon add a third brand to its ever-expanding portfolio. The first Fusion Originals hotel will land Ho Chi Minh City next year.

“As the name suggests,” says Fusion’s chief designer, Remco de Hoog, “the city-based Fusion Originals collection takes creativity to new and unexpected places. Our aim is to create hotels that are fun, fresh, and 100% unique.”

Capturing the trailblazing Fusion spirit of creating new traditions and breaking with convention, each Originals hotel will bear the name of a pioneering artist, inventor, scientist, or social leader. For the inaugural member of the collection, they’ve selected an individual who redefined mankind’s place in the universe forever.

“Darwin – a Fusion Original” is currently under construction on Saigon’s Thi Sach Street, a quiet one-way thoroughfare in the heart of District 1.

“World-changing ideas are what Fusion is all about,” says Remco, “so Charles Darwin is the perfect person to launch this exciting, slightly rebellious all-new brand.”

Now considered the father of the once controversial theory of evolution, Charles Darwin was a British botanist, scientist, and naturalist who lived from 1809 to 1882.

Standing less than 200 meters from the city’s iconic opera house and close to shops, restaurants, cafés, bars, and tourist hotspots, Darwin – a Fusion Original’s location is prime.

Stepping inside, the latest 3D renders suggest an intimate urban hideaway of timeless sophistication and understated luxury; a cross-fade of old-world opulence and new-world restraint. And from the giant portrait in the lobby to the hotel’s services, menus, and decor, Darwin will thoughtfully evoke the life and times of its namesake.

In addition to subtle vibes of 19th-century discovery and adventure (a homage to Darwin’s five-year research voyage aboard the H.M.S. Beagle), Fusion’s designers have focussed on his tireless studies of plants, animals, and people from all over the globe. Featuring botanical motifs, super-sized extracts of Darwin’s manuscripts, and a palette of all-natural tones and textures, it’s a pivotal theme of this refreshingly imaginative hotel. There will even be a copy of Darwin’s most famous publication, On the Origin of Species, inside the bedside units of each of the hotel’s 88 rooms.

In the ground-floor lobby, the aptly named Beagle Bar will host regular live music and spoken-word events lubricated by old-school rum cocktails and local craft ales. Meanwhile, Origins Restaurant (home to a re-imagined breakfast concept known as T.O.A.S.T. – The Original Answer to Snooze Time), will serve dishes inspired by Charles Darwin’s gastronomic adventures.
“That’s a story worth Googling,” adds Remco. “With Darwin and every Fusion Original that comes after it, you’ll never quite know what to expect. We love shaking things up, and we think our guests will really enjoy the feeling of entering the unknown each time… in a good way, of course!”
Darwin – a Fusion Original is scheduled to open summer 2019.

Since its launch in 2008, Fusion has become a leading innovator of hotels and wellness-inspired resorts and is now the only fully vertically integrated hospitality company in Southeast Asia. Under one roof, Fusion conceptualizes, designs, builds and manages beachside resorts and city hotels through its uniquely branded hospitality concepts. Fusion has opened five resorts and hotels in Vietnam so far, with a team now boasting more than 1,500 employees, including 300 spa specialists.

At present, guests can experience Fusion’s all-spa inclusive wellness concept or flexible “anywhere, anytime” breakfast service, along with their inventive, unmistakable, and playful approach to the hospitality sector, in Da Nang, Cam Ranh, Ho Chi Minh City, and Phu Quoc.

The Fusion family of brands currently includes:

Fusion Resorts: Where contemporary original design meets traditional Vietnamese charm. Home to Fusion’s unique “all-spa inclusive” service, Fusion Resorts fully embrace the combination of ultimate wellness and a rejuvenating and down-to-earth lifestyle, all in natural, picturesque surroundings.

Fusion Suites: As “all-suite” city hotels ideally located in key business and tourism hubs, Fusion Suites redefines holistic living and brings a wellness-inspired experience to today’s urban adventurers. As 21st-century city life continues to accelerate, Fusion Suites aim to bring balance and harmony to the concrete jungle through healthy and nutritious food and drink options, daily spa journeys, and inspiring interior design.

Fusion Originals: The individually branded Originals do not share a consistent style. Instead, Fusion tailors each hotel to evoke the life and times of a pioneering artist, inventor, scientist, or social leader. Originals aim to provide fun, fresh, and 100% unique hotel concept each and every time.

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